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Ten things you need to know about the Moroccan Sahara

Introduction Morocco’s Sahara Desert is one of the world’s most unique natural wonders. It’s a place unlike anywhere else on Earth….

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How expensive is Morocco?

How expensive is Morocco is a common question every traveler asks before making a decision about visiting Morocco. In this blog…

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What is Prohibited in Morocco? 8 Points to Keep in Mind

Morocco is quite a liberal country in comparison to other Muslim nations, but there are still some important differences to bear…

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The Difference Between Drivers and Guides in Morocco

For many, Morocco is their first experience of Africa. With many connections to Europe, and direct flights to North and South…

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Languages in Morocco

Morocco is a multi-lingual country with 3 official languages and many more unofficial ones. To make things more complicated, there are…

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Morocco Road Safety: Is it safe to travel by car?

Travelling in Morocco by car is the most common and most convenient way to get from city to city. If you need to…

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casablanca excursions
Excursions from Casablanca

If you’re coming to Morocco by plane, you are probably going to arrive at the country’s biggest city: Casablanca. Here you…

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Tangier to Club Med Yasmina
Transport from Tangier to Club Med Yasmina

Club Med Yasmina is a popular resort located on the Mediterranean coast in Northern Morocco. It is nearby Tetouan – a town…

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